Finally, completing Tasks & Habits is fun!

Put back the adventure in your life! myPoli is your smart time manager which turns your tasks, chores and habits into a game to boost your productivity and motivate you to accomplish your life goals!

What You Get?

Fun & Smart Time Management Assistant

ToDos, Habits & Events

myPoli combines your Calendar, ToDo list and Habit tracker into a single easy to use app

Focus & get it done

All the tools you need to get important tasks done - sub tasks, Pomodoro timer & notes

Cloud & Google Calendar sync

All your data is safely stored in the cloud and available on all your devices. You can import all your events from Google Calendar, too!

Find Out Where Your Time Goes

Track how much time you spend on each individual task or tag. Log what you did and how hard was it.

Better with friends

Support your friends on their journey to achieve their goals. Be accountable and keep doing your tasks until you succeed!

Get rewarded

Every time you complete a Task or a Habit you receive bounty. Use it to unlock additional themes, colors, icons, pets and more!

myPoli Pet and Growth

Fight procrastination

Are you feeling too overwhelmed by your daily tasks? Making no progress towards your goals? myPoli will help you improve your time management skills, stay motivated & be productive!

  • Level up in real life like a RPG game
  • Your new Pet is here to motivate you
  • Track & log your goal progress with Challenges
  • Support & accountability with friends

Challenge yourself and achieve your goals

myPoli helps you achieve your goals by using Challenges. Challenges are based on a goal-setting technique used by Bill Gates, Google, Twitter, Uber, other companies and individuals known as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). OKRs consist of a list of 3-5 objectives. Usually, each objective has 1-2 (measurable) key results associated with it. Each key result has a progress indicator of 0-100% that shows its achievement.

Challenges allow you to specify a list of reasons/motivations for why you want to do it (objectives). You can also specify values you want to track - progress, reach some target, or maintain some value (key results). Logging data allows you to visualize your progress towards reaching your goals and stay motivated!

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