Turn Your Daily Tasks & Habits into a Game!

Put back the adventure in your life! myPoli is your smart time manager which turns your tasks, chores and habits into a game to boost your productivity and motivate you to accomplish your life goals!

What You Get?

Smart Time Management Personal Assistant

Don't Get Stressed by Long Lists

It's OK to have unfinished optional tasks. myPoli nugdes you to complete only the important ones.

Complete the Important Tasks

myPoli helps you schedule important habits at your most productive time. Get more experience points for them.

Balance Personal & Work Tasks

Assign categories to your tasks and easily distinguish between personal, work, wellness and fun.

Add Tasks Fast & Easy

myPoli uses Artificial Intelligence to help you set due date, start time and duration for your tasks.

Find Out Where Your Time Goes

Track how much time you spend on each individual task. Log what you did and how hard was it.

Focus on the Now

Every task get scheduled on your calendar letting you completely focus on the most important now.

Why Plan Your Day?

Are you feeling too overwhelmed by your daily tasks? Want to have more clarity and organisation in your day? Planning your day can help you prioritise, remove distractions and know what the important tasks are.

  • Focus on the important tasks
  • Organize your life
  • Increase your productivity

It's Coming

Soon myPoli will be a lot smarter and will make your life even easier


If you have problems organizing your day and don't know what to do first, myPoli will take this heavy burden off your shoulders. It will automatically schedule your tasks at the most convenient time for you and help you be more productive.


Do you want to widen your horizons in a field or achieve a difficult goal? Depending on your interests myPoli will recommend you new useful things to do or tasks other people with the same passion do.


Do you feel overwhelmed by your busy life? Do you have difficulties to complete your tasks? Try setting goals - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly even life goals. Defining your goals and the steps to achieve them is the first milestone to complete them.

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