Getting Started

Welcome, Hero! We need your help. A great evil is upon us and, we know you are THE ONE to stop it! myPoli is here to help you fight the Evil Snail - emperor of procrastination and lazy-buttness. He has a single weakness - productivity. So you must hit where it hurts - stay productive, motivated and achieve your Goals, that is the only way to overcome him!

Evil Snail

But, and it is a big one, the Evil Snail is a strong enemy. You must first train, develop yourself and become the best you that you can be! Let me introduce you to the basics:

Quick start ⚑

myPoli can be used as a simple ToDo or Habit tracking app, but that is way too boring and inefficient. To ensure maximum success for yourself, you must follow a simple concept - create Challenges and assign Quests and Habits to them. Quests, Habits, Challenges?

From now on, your Tasks/ToDos are called Quests and, your Goals will be known as Challenges. Completing a Quest or a Habit gives you rewards - experience and Life Coins (you can receive other bounty too).

Ok, but why assign Quests & Habits to Challenges? Well, you probably have many tasks on your ToDo lists, so they became quite unmanageable at some point. The truth is that not all of them are equally important (e.g. cleaning your attic might not be as important as reading for your next exam). Quests, that when done, get you near completing your Challenges are important!

Quests, Events & Habits 😍

Most of your days will consist of completing Quests & Habits. Preferably that will get you closer to completing you Challenges. How to decide whether a Task/ToDo should be a Habit or Quest? If you want to schedule it for a specific time and want to be reminded of - it is a Quest otherwise it is a Habit.

Habits can be positive (can be done multiple times of day) or negative. An example would probably best illustrate the difference. Drink a glass of water 8 times per day is a positive habit. Completing it 8 times per day will give you a reward and increase your streak (bigger streaks give bigger rewards). Don't smoke is a bad habit. Completing it means that you did it thus, you failed to increase your streak.

Repeating Quests allows you to automate the creation of a specific Quest based on your preferences. You can specify the days of the week/month or use flexible scheduling create something like "Workout 3 times per week from Monday to Friday". That way, myPoli will schedule 3 sessions per week based on your schedule and your Quest completion history.

Additionally, you might have some Events obtained from your Google Calendar. Events cannot be edited or completed from myPoli (for now).

Developing yourself and your Character πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ

myPoli uses concepts from Role-playing games (RPGs) to help you develop yourself and your character. You get more and more experienced in certain areas of your life as you complete your Tasks related to those areas. That experience is measured by the level of your character and the number of attribute points it has.

Your character has six primary attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Well-being, Willpower, Expertise, and Charisma. Completing your Quests & Habits gives you experience, attribute points and regenerates the health points (HP) of your character and pet.

Leveling up your character and attribute points allows you to advance to the next rank and unlock the bonuses associated with it. To maximize the number of attributes points you receive associate the attributes with your Tags! One attribute can have up to 3 Tags, and one Tag can have up to 3 attributes.

Challenges 🎯

Challenges in myPoli are based on a goal-setting technique used by Bill Gates, Google, Twitter, Uber, other companies and individuals known as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). OKRs consist of a list of 3-5 objectives. Usually, each objective has 1-2 (measurable) key results associated with it. Each key result has a progress indicator of 0-100% that shows its achievement. A list of example OKRs can be found here:

Challenges allow you to specify a list of reasons/motivations for why you want to do it (objectives). You can also specify values you want to track - progress, reach some target, or maintain some value (key results). Let's take a look at an example. You have a Challenge called Healthy & Fit with deadline in 2 months. Your motivations might be specified as: Look great in a swimsuit, Lower my blood sugar, Lose my belly. Given the motivations, you might want to track the following values: Eat 2000 kcal per day on average (stay within 1800-2200), Reach weight of 132 lbs/60 kg (starting from 150 lbs/68 kg) and Sleep 8 hours per night. All of that can be tracked and achieved with myPoli!

Making progress towards completing your Challenges is the most important thing you can do. However, completing a Challenge that should be done in several months (like preparing for an exam that is due in 3 months) is a daunting task and, you might lose motivation during the process. Furthermore, you might try to postpone all Quests ( reading/writing) for just a couple of days before the deadline. Your experience might suggest to you that this is never a good idea for Goals that really matter (which should be your Challenges). Good, so how can you be back in the driving seat of your life?

myPoli helps you in three major ways: actively reminds you that something is important and must be done, even if it is grunt work (with reminders and schedule organization), visualize and log your progress (with tracked values) and rewards you for your efforts (experience, Life Coins, encouragements by friends and more).

Planning your day πŸ—“οΈ

You can be reminded to plan your day on specific time and days of the week. The planning process consists of 3 steps: inspiration, review yesterday and planning for today. You will have to discover what the first step is about on your own. During the review, you can complete Quests that you forgot to mark as done, reschedule or delete the incomplete and see you awesomeness score for the day. Finally, during the planning, you can pick the 3 most important Quests (Daily Challenge), add new ones and preview your day.

Scheduling your Quests using the Calendar (or using another method) allows you to plan how you should you spend your time. Research suggests that scheduling your Tasks substantially improves your chances of getting them done. If that doesn't do it, myPoli will remind you when the time has come to begin your Quests (or much before that).

How to be more productive πŸ’ͺ

Being productive means completing Quests & Habits related to your Challenges, you must also progress your tracked values (key results) towards the desired results. However, some Quests are harder than complete than others, so myPoli provides some tools to make completing them easier:

Sub Quests βœ…

Dividing bigger/tougher Quests into smaller ones allows you to focus on completing tiny tasks and visualize your progress doing your Quest.

Pomodoro Timer πŸ…

The Pomodoro technique allows you to work on a Quest in discrete periods of 25 minutes (called pomodoros) while taking small breaks in between. You must fight to stay uninterrupted during a pomodoro. The process isn’t ideal for every Quest you want to complete. But if you need a systematic way to tackle your daily to-do list, the Pomodoro Technique may fit your needs.

Daily Challenge βš”οΈ

The Daily Challenge allows you to select the 3 most important Quests of your day. Once selected, those Quests will guide your schedule and help you decide whether you should do a new task or stick to completing a Quest from the Daily Challenge. Naturally, completing the Daily Challenge gives a reward. Completing a Quest from the Daily Challenge gives a higher reward, too.

Staying motivated during your journey ⏳

Your journey will be long and at times - it will be really hard to complete your daily Quests & Habits. Luckily, myPoli can help you along the way:

Your new Pet 🐯

Your Pet is a faithful companion that will help you by reminding you to complete your Quests & Habits, level up faster and receive more Life Coins. You need to take care of it, too. The Pet has health and mood points that change depending on whether or not you complete your Quests & Habits for the day. Keeping it healthy and in a good mood will ensure maximum bonus. Occasionally, you need to feed it too, but be careful - different Pets like different food. Remember - you must avoid letting it die, without a Pet, you will receive only a small bonus when completing Quests & Habits.

Better with Friends πŸ‘‹

When things get real hard (that's what she said), you're feeling down, procrastination has its grip on you, it is time to get some help from friends and family. myPoli allows you to add/invite all your friends in order to support and keep each other accountable. Try it out you might be surprised with the results!

What can you do with your Life Coins πŸ’°

You can do two things with your Life Coins. First, you can use them to unlock Power Ups (one purchase of a Power Up allows you to use it for 30 days). Second, you can convert them to Gems.

Gems allow you to buy anything else available for purchase from the store - themes, colors, icons, Pet food and more. You can get more Gems via in-app purchase. Life Coins cannot be purchased.

Want to learn more? πŸ™‹

Hero, your awesome journey starts now - it is time to prove that you're a superhero in real life and get things done! The myPoli team (Polina, Venelin & Tihomir) wishes you all the best on your Epic Quest! You can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions here: FAQ, contact us at or join our community at Discord if you have any further questions! The forum is also open for you!

Let the productivity be with you!